SOP : COVID-19 Vaccination Standard Operating Procedure

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  SOP  Vaccination Drive at Office
Work to CoverControl and ensure safe vaccination drive at site
DepartmentAdmin / HR
Process OwnerFacility Manager / Admin Head
Staff InvolvedSecurity Supervisor, Security Guard, HK Supervisor, HK Associate
Prevention of COVID-19    Physical Distancing Ensure a physical distance of at least 2 mtr or 6 feet to reduce the spreadStay away from crowded environments   Use of Mask Ensure hand hygiene before putting on the mask.Ensuring it covers the mouth and nose, and minimize any gaps between the face and the mask. Avoid touching the mask while wearing itDo not touch the front of the mask but untie it from behind or from the straps.Do not re-use single-use masks.   Hand HygieneRub hands for 20–30 seconds, using an alcohol-based hand rubWash hands for 40–60 seconds with soap and running water and dry with a single-use towel    
  Preparation Of Vaccination Area   Taski R2 :- 20 – 50 ml in 1 ltr Water ( General Purpose Cleaner )Area should be sanitized prior to vaccination.Three printed copies of beneficiary listHand sanitizer, gloves and masks Red, yellow and black bags, puncture proof blue container, waste basketHand washing facilities
  Area RequiredVaccination RoomOnly one beneficiary enters vaccination room to ensure privacy.Logistics to be made available.One table (4 feet X 2 feet) two chairs.Hand sanitizer, Gloves and masks.Curtain/ Screen for privacy.Red, Yellow and Black bags, puncture proof blue container and waste basket.   Waiting RoomRooms /areas should be well-ventilated. Avoid cross movement of beneficiaries.   Observation Room.Beneficiaries wait for 30 minutes post vaccination.Seating arrangement ensuring physical distancing norms.IEC materials on COVID appropriate behavior may be displayed.Drinking water should be available.
  Infection Prevention ControlDo not come if you have ILI symptoms (Fever, Cough or Cold). Inform your supervisor about your illness. Isolate yourself.Adhere to national/state guidance and protocols for measures and use recommended personal protective equipment.Perform hand hygiene before/after each beneficiary using soap and water or with a hand sanitizer that contains 70% alcohol.Wear a three-layered surgical mask and sanitize hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer after vaccinating every beneficiary. Clean and disinfect environmental surfaces often, including tabletops, chairs, light switches. Ensure the availability of hand sanitizer for use by beneficiaries.Strictly adhere to safe waste management protocol for discarded PPE and other consumables at session site.Ensure seating arrangement with physical distancing of 2 mtr.Conduct sessions in well-ventilated areas if possible.Minimize wait times as much as possible.Limit number of individuals present at immunization visit to avoid crowded wait roomsOnly beneficiary will be allowed to attend vaccine session.
  Garbage Disposal Process :-Ensure Housekeeping Staff were proper PPE i.e face shield, mask and gloves. Sanitize hands after work complete.Segregate and store the plastic portion of the cut syringes in the red bag.Store used cotton swab in yellow bag.Store broken vials in the puncture proof blue container.

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