Seven must required cleaning chemicals

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Seven must required cleaning chemicals for Home, Office, Residential Society, Shopping Centre and public places .

1. Floor Cleaner
2. WC or Washroom Cleaner
3. Hard Water Scale Remover
4. Carpet Cleaner
5. Furniture Shining Maintainer
6. SS Polisher
7. Glass Cleaner

Floor Cleaner : floor cleaning chemical is most and common required for cleaning of all types of hard floor like Tile, Marble, Granite, Cement, Epoxy and other hard surface.

WC Cleaner : WC cleaner is acid based chemical it’s required to clean WC and other ceramic fittings in washroom .

Hard Water Scale Remover : This cleaning chemical is most important for washroom, washbasin, kitchen, shower room and other areas which water is frequently using . This chemical remove all types of hard water scale.

Carpet Cleaner : Carpet cleaning chemical required to remove carpet spot  and shampooing all types of carpet floor,  chair, sofa and upholstery .

Furniture Polish Maintainer : Furniture polish maintainer required to maintain furniture shining . It can be applied after cleaning furniture .

SS Polisher : SS polish is good to maintain shining of SS fittings, railings, Lift door and wall and SS furniture . The SS polish is applied over all types of SS items with a dry cloth after cleaning them.

Glass Cleaner : Glass cleaning chemical required to clean all types of glass, mirror, TV screen and computer screen .

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