Process for Cleaning of Electrical Fixtures

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Cleaning Procedure

Work to CoverElectrical Light Fixtures
DepartmentHouse keeping / Technical
Process OwnerHouse Keeping Supervisor / Technical Supervisor
Staff InvolvedHouse Boys / MST / Etraction
Cleaning EquipmentsPaint Brush, Yellow Duster, Micro fiber duster, Father duster
 PPE Required Gloves, Mask, Signage Board
Chemical to be usedTaski – R4
Cleaning of Lighting Fixtures Switch off Electrical Supply to the equipment. Try to put-off electrical supply plug (if Possible). Dust Off with dry duster or paint brush. In case fixture need to be removed, take the help of electrician.
Cleaning of Lamp Shades Dusting or brushing them very lightly and gently with a soft brush. Remove tussles before washing. To keep lamp shades looking fresh and bright. They should be washed periodically. Make a soap solution of either surf or genteel. Wet the shade completely.

Take a Turkish face towel and dip in into soap solution and start cleaning the shade with it. The strokes should be from top to base and never sideways or breadth wise. Once it is cleaned, wash the shade thoroughly.

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