How to polish marble floor by single disc step by step

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To polish and care for your Marble Floor you need to understand about marble floor . Marble is a natural Lime Stone that has been transformed, through heat, pressure and time. Delivering a beautiful and durable building material that gives one of the most beautiful Floor coverings in the word.

Use Cleaning in process / Work in process signage in the area to be polish 

Removing any existing stains. Marble is highly porous, stains are caused when liquid seeps into the stone and get trapped. Common spillages tea/coffee, juice, wine, sauces, cooking oils and coffee will all stain your marble surface. To remove fresh stains, use a Damp Microfiber Cloth with warm water and good floor cleaner like Taski R2, Spiral and R7 or any other brand floor cleaner . You need gently rubbing the stain until the area is clean or use floor scrubbing machine to clean the area. Then rinse thoroughly.

Removing Stubborn Stains: Dampen Marble with water then apply a few drops of a cleaning chemical, we recommend using Taski R2. Gently rub in with a Stiff Bristled Brush and rising thoroughly, sometimes stubborn stains might require two or three application.

Before Start Polish : it’s recommended that use appropriate PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) like goggles, gloves etc.

Polishing: After stain removal is complete, before Polishing make sure you have a clean dry surface as Marble is soft and scratches easily, and you don’t want to damage it while polishing. Always use a clean, dry Microfiber cloth to gently remove any remaining dirt, dust and grit. If needed rinse well with clean, damp Microfiber cloth then dry the surface well with a clean cloth.

Marble Floor Polish

Taski Terranova Marble Polish is good for ready to use polish : it’s ready to use lequide marble polishing chemical .

  • Use 3M white pad and steel wool for in single disc machine for polish .
  • Spray terranova in small area .
  • Start buffing with white pad till floor is dry and sining .

Note :- Dont use wet mop after polish marble floor .

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