Housekeeping SOP: Jet Pressure Washing

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TaskJet Pressure Washing
Work to cover Parking area, Periphery, ramp,/ stored mud, cement stains / and all washable open hard surfaces
 Department  House keeping
Process owner  House keeping supervisor
Cleaning Equipments and PPECleaning Equipments:- Hard Nylon Bamboo Brush Caution Signage Water Pipe ( Nylon Pipe ) Extension Board. Wiper Big Mechanized High Pressure Jet Washer.

PPE:- Gum Boot, Rubber Gloves, Safety Signages, Goggles
Chemicals  Taski Spiral, Spiral HD, or any floor cleaner  
Operating procedureConfirm Task from HK Supervisor. Collect all Cleaning Equipment from HK Store.Place Equipment and Accessories Close to Area of Task.Place Caution Signage before start of work and ask security to control any movement to the area.  Ask MST to connect power and water to the Machine.Use Pressure Gun Nozzle to the Area that needs to be cleaned i.e. to Dislodge Dirt from that Surface. (Put your gun 45 – 60 degree angle and 3 to 6 feet height from the surface) Work from High Ground towards Drains.Adjust Nozzle to remove Old Mud Stains.Push Water towards Drains.Scrub Heavily Soiled Areas with Wire Bamboo Brush.Use dilute chemical as advised than Wash the area with Adequate Water.Use Wiper to Remove Water.Leave Area to Dry Completely before use.After Completing of Task Clean Equipment.Remove Caution Signage and Carry Equipments back to HK Store.Report Completion of Task to the HK Supervisor.Proceed to Execute the Next Task after having inspected by your supervisor.
Safety precautionsRubber gloves and Goggles ( Do not keep your eyes naked ) Use approved cleaning agents & authorized source of water. Use authorized Electrical plug points. (Do not accept any leakage or open wire for connection and Do Not try to un plug the machine by your self) Be careful not to touch naked wires. Do not use damaged water pipe or wires  

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