Glass cleaning process : 7 steps to clean glass

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Required equipment, tools and chemical

  1. Glass cleaner chemical
  2. Glass cleaning duster / cloth
  3. Glass cleaning squeeze and Scrubber
  4. Scraper
  5. Bucket
  6. Nylon Scrubber
  7. Spray bottle
  8. Telescopic Rod

Required PPE :-

#Cleaning in process signage


#Saftey Helmet for Height work


1. Need half bucket of  water and dilute glass cleaning chemicals as per stranded dilution ratio ( normally 20 to 50 ml chemical in 1 ltr water )
2. Use PPE as per requirement and place  cleaning in process signage .
3. Wash glass by window washer and use scraper and nylon scrubber if required.
4. After cleaning scrubbing glass use window cleaning squeeze to clean it . Note clean before it dry. 
5. Clean side and below strip by using clean duster .
6. Clean the squeeze unreasonable area by glass cleaning cloth / duster
7. Remove signage and all cleaning equipment from area .

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