Housekeeping : Three Steps for Floor buffing

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Buffing of floor is most important task in housekeeping . Mostly wooden, marble, kota stone, granite floor required buffing for their original sinning.

Floor Buffing Process

  1. Prepare Tools and Equipment
  • Collect all Safety Equipment and PPE from Store
  • Gather the machines and check health of machine and tools
  • Gather required chemicals and review safety guidelines, proper dilution and MSDS
  • Place signage board before task start

2. Dry and Wet Cleaning :- Before start floor buffing use dry and wet mop to clean dust and other stain from floor . If you are using wet mop then wait till floor is dry .

3. Start Buffing :- After dry and wet mop start floor buffing by machine . Use recommended buffing pad for buffing ( Mostly White Pad )

Task Closing :- After complete the task remove signages , all machine, tools and equipment form area .

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