Five symptoms that indicate you have already had COVID-19

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Symptoms that indicate you have already had COVID-19

With the onset of the novel coronavirus, millions of people have experienced various complications that come along with the disease. From a fever to a sore throat to fatigue, COVID-19 symptoms can range from mild illnesses to fatal consequences. Also, while SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory illness, its symptoms have often been confused with the signs of other respiratory infections such as a flu or a common cold. Therefore, it is highly possible that one overlooks the symptoms and some even recover over time on their own.

While some people suffer with mild symptoms, others seem to be asymptomatic and therefore, do not get themselves tested at all. As per a recent study, 5 symptoms have been identified as signs that indicated that you have already acquired COVID-19.

  • Headaches

As per Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), headaches have been listed as one of the common symptoms of COVID-19. It can range from mild pain in the head to severe aches that can seem unbearable.

  • Muscle pain

According to the study published in the journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, 44.8 per cent of the volunteers who participated in the experiment developed muscle pains as a result of COVID-19. Besides that, muscle pain is also a sign of long COVID.

  • Brain fog

Brain fog or mental confusion has also been reported amongst the participants. Although one of the lesser known and rare symptoms of COVID-19, about 31.8 per cent of the volunteers experienced it during the research.

  • Loss of sense of smell and taste

Loss of sense of smell and taste is an uncommon symptom, highly prevalent in most of te COVID patients. While this may be a very discomforting condition, however, it is a symptom that can usually confirm whether you have the coronavirus or not.

  • Sore eyes

Many people who tested positive for the coronavirus have complained of developing pain in the eyes. But it is also believed that it is caused due to the long number of hours spent on screen by people during lockdown.

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